Ales Hemsky signs with Stars

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Fantasy Impact: Ales Hemsky signs a three-year deal with the Dallas Stars.


The Stars get: A dynamic playmaking winger who was an excellent fit alongside Jason Spezza in Ottawa after the Trade Deadline but is a serious Band-Aid Boy.

Fantasy Players Impacted: Hemsky and Spezza get to renew their chemistry in Dallas. Hemsky became a 40-point guy in Edmonton as he slipped down the depth chart. He isn't guaranteed top unit power play time in Dallas with Spezza, Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin guaranteed top minutes but he could fit in. If Dallas follows the Avalanche model from this past season then Hemsky could return to 60 points (again, assuming he's healthy, which is faulty logic).


It is more likely that Hemsky winds up on the second power play unit, which helps guys like Cody Eakin and Erik Cole to name a couple.


It is worth mentioning that the Stars still do not have a lot of talent on the blueline but like the Avalanche proved, you can still have a high-flying roster without much on defense.


Some of the younger forwards in the Stars system get bumped down the depth chart creating a longer wait.


Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

Ales Hemsky

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