Matt Niskanen Signs with Washington





Fantasy Impact: The Washington Capitals have signed Matt Niskanen to a monster seven-year deal worth $40.25 million.


The Capitals get: this year’s Jason Garrison. That is to say, the defenseman had his career year in his contract year. That’s not to say that Niskanen is not a good defenseman – just don’t expect the numbers you saw in 2013-14. Just like Garrison.



Fantasy Players Impacted: John Carlson is the Golden Boy on defense. But now Matt Niskanen is the Golden Boy, and there are nearly six million reasons for this (each year). Indications are, that Mike Green will now be traded. But unless and until that happens, you’ll see a huge chunk of power-play time get taken away from Carlson.


As for Niskanen himself, his best bet in terms of production would have been to stay put. But if he had to go somewhere, this location at this money is probably the next best thing. He should be able to maintain his 40-point ways here.



Fantasy Players this helps, in order

1. Niskanen

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Fantasy Players this hurts, in order

1. Carlson

2. Green