Ryan Miller Signs with Vancouver





Fantasy Impact: The Vancouver Canucks have signed goaltender Ryan Miller to a three-year deal worth $18 million bones.


The Canucks get: a star goaltender who has faded over the past three years, even with his .923 SV% in his last half-season with Buffalo. He’s just not the same guy, and we saw that when he crumbled behind an awesome St. Louis team that boasted a goalie-friendly Ken Hitchcock coaching system. 



Fantasy Players Impacted: Miller joins a weak, rebuilding Canucks team not unlike what he was suffering behind in Buffalo. Not as terrible…but getting closer. But after seeing how bad he was with St. Louis, I wondered if he would even get a starting job at all. So just being the No.1 guy (undisputed, with that contract), it’s a win. Speaking of wins, will he even get 25 of them this year? Put me down for a ‘no’.


Jacob Markstrom is done in the NHL. An elite prospect, Markstrom has faded quickly. This was supposed to be the year when he would be the full-time backup and perhaps make a push to steal the top job. It’s hard to do that from the minors. Consider him toast in fantasy hockey.


Eddie Lack would have had the same amount of wins in 2014-15 as Miller would get. The Canucks are really just wasting $6 million per year here. But now he won’t get those W’s but rather something closer to 10. Huge fantasy hit.



Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

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1. Miller


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Markstrom

2. Lack