July 18, 2014

Darren Kennedy



I can never figure out how to properly start the ramblings in the summer. There isn't really that much news to discuss. The most significant news is the fact that there isn't any news. So I try to come up with something both pithy and witty to draw you in. Today, I couldn't come up with anything other than this self-loathing intro about the fact I COULDN'T come up with anything.


Fridays man, Fridays… let us ramble..




It's interesting (or terrifying, if you own either one) to note the parallels between James Neal's situation in Pittsburgh and one Patrick Sharp now finds himself in. Neal was a sure-fire first round pick in the majority of formats, capable of 40 goals, 300 shots, and massive cross category coverage. Likewise, Sharp in Chicago has turned into easily one of the 15 most valued assets. Sure, he's 32, but do you really see those numbers declining significantly over the next 3 years? I don't.