August 1, 2014

Darren Kennedy



Dobber's 2014-15 Fantasy Hockey Guide is…



Happy Friday




I remember when I first came across this site a number of years ago. At the time I was regularly buying three or four of the print fantasy magazines that come out every fall. I can honestly say that no guide goes into the level of detail that Dobber does – from team strategies, to projections, and advanced stats, it's all there in spades.




I've been seeing an oddly high number of Ovechkin trades on twitter of late. It's hard to say what exactly is precipitating the action. He turns 29 in September, which, typically, is an age where you will start to worry about goal scorers. Washington didn't do a tonne to augment their offence this summer, which means teams will once again be able to 'sell-out' defensively against his line at even strength.