The Journey – Ben Scrivens

Brad Wilson




This week the Journey drills deep on Oilers’ goalie Ben Scrivens… 


Ben Scrivens – G

27 years old

Undrafted – Signed as a free agent by the Toronto Maple Leafs April 28, 2010

Currently entering the first year of a two year contract with the Edmonton Oilers


Ben Who

When I think of Ben Scrivens or as some call him, "the Professor" I think of an intelligent goaltender inside and outside the game. He is one of the nice guy's and a close friend of nice guy and former teammate, James Reimer (and probably his mom). A guy with tons of heart and a strong will to win. He strikes me as someone who is his own worst critic and tries to learn something every day. A professional's professional. However, I'm not sure at any time I would say All-Star, Elite or (in fantasy) a MUST own. Good, good, good and more good, but no 'great'.


Let's dig deeper…