August 12, 2014

Rick Roos


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More on Ryan Malone, the arbitration curse myth; disguised PDO; and "nappers"




I'm back for another Tuesday Ramblings – my first time in the doldrums of August. All these years when Dobber and Angus led off August Ramblings with gripes about no fantasy news being out there I thought they might be exaggerating; but now I'm seeing firsthand there really is a whole lot of nothing fantasy-related happening these days…….


And while I'll still do my best to fill your fantasy plate, keep in mind that even if I fall short there's no excuse for anyone starving for fantasy-relevant info this time of year – not with the DobberHockey 2014 Fantasy Hockey Guide available now and featuring, among other stellar content, my list of 10 "category killers" (50 total) who will drag down your team in each of Hits, Blocked Shots, Shots, PP points, and Faceoff %.


Just try and find a competitive league where somebody won last year despite not buying this Guide. And if you happen to actually locate one, then join it – and win!




One place you can go for content this month is the "30 in 30" page, where each of the NHL's 30 teams is given a preview. Of course this isn't being done with a fantasy emphasis; but it's nevertheless a decent item to put on your to do list each day, if for no other reason than to keep yourself well versed on roster changes and to see quotes from management.


But at the same time, as if we needed more of a reminder that remains behind the times for fantasy, take a look at this article where a team is assembled with the best fantasy seasons of the past decade. Not a single word about Hits or Blocked Shots…..


On a somewhat related note, I'm picking January 2016 as the over/under date in terms of when we see regularly cover advanced metrics like Corsi, Fenwick, or PDO (more on PDO below).




Lest you think is an entirely poor resource, I actually like some content quite a bit. For example, in the player stats area if you click on a player, you'll see a tab for "Splits," where you can get breakdowns on how that player performed against certain teams and during certain time periods.


Also, there's great behind the scenes videos, including some that've begun to appear from the 2014 offseason. Beyond being a fun way to pass time, checking out clips like these also can illuminate the business of "real" hockey (i.e., drafting, trades) in ways that also translate to fantasy hockey.


Here are a few links (sorry – couldn’t get embedding to work):


Oliers drafting:


Panthers drafting (part one of four):


Blue Jackets drafting: