How to Start a Fantasy Hockey Keeper League



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Full rules/regulations taken from seven very different fantasy hockey keeper leagues


In the fall of 2006, readers submitted the rules for their keeper league hockey pools. Rules varied from head-to-head systems, salary-cap systems, straight points, and much more. The depth of these pools ranged from hardcore (500+ players owned) to your basic keeper league of 200 players or so. I have selected a sampling of some of the rules, edited in order to give you an idea of what is out there and what is needed to start your own.

By all means – use your favorite set of rules, or mix and match the rules that you like.



Drafting Rule of Thumb: A snake draft is generally the accepted means of selecting players in a one-year or keeper league. If there are 13 or more participants, than a modified snake draft is advisable.

Snake Draft: 1-12, 12-1, 1-12, 12-1, etc.

Modified Snake: 1-13, 13-1, 13-1 again, 1-13, 13-1, 1-13, etc.

*modified just has that one extra 13-1 inserted in there.




First and foremost, here is a copy of Dobber’s own keeper league rules:

Keeper League Version #1



This one is an interesting twist – you have a limited number of “keepers” – for two, three, and four years, and after that they cannot be re-signed – check it out….Sent in by Freddy:

Keeper League Version #2



Here is a keeper league that involves a salary cap, with rotisserie-style scoring (12 points if you are first in a category, one point if you are last, in a 12-team league). This one is pretty cool…from Ryan:

Keeper League Version #3



Another good one featuring large rosters and a Christmas waiver draft. It even includes stipulations for a player… dying? This is from ‘FERGIE’: