September 15, 2014



Lombardi talks advanced stats; Lindholm a solid breakout candidate; prospect notes and more …


Great, now I have to follow another one of Drance’s awesome ramblings. This one was called, by one Twitter user, “best ramblings I’ve seen in awhile”. If you missed it, catch it here.


If you don’t have my Fantasy Guide yet – it’s here. Last update was Thursday. Next update will be Thursday. Then you’re looking at every day or two going forward. Camp cuts, line combos, projections, injuries – all will receive attention during updates.


Dean Lombardi, thought to be one of the earlier GMs to jump aboard the fancy stats train, has some interesting thoughts on his use of them. The Kings obviously put a lot of value in puck possession and they have two Cups to show for it. From the article…

He acknowledged that he has spoken on the phone "a number of times" with former Boston Red Sox General Manager and current Chicago Cubs Director of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein about the use of analytics, but won't divulge how his own club's decisions are based on the statistical resources that they've compiled.

Also this gem from Lombardi:

There's a big difference between data and knowledge, and how you use it. Be careful. And the other thing, too, is that you'll never convince me that emotion isn't a huge part of this game, more than any other game. If you have two teams like this, this one's clearly better than this one," Lombardi said, placing his hands at two different levels two feet above his desk. "But if [the lower] team is emotionally charged, I think in hockey they can close this gap more than any other sport.


Last week I mentioned that the app is now back and ready for the Android. Well, now it’s ready for the iPhone as well. The free app streams my ramblings and gives access to the draft lists. Yes, you have to pay for the draft list – but for $4.99 you have $19 worth of draft lists (both playoff and season). This year, the added feature is a player search tool. Next year the added feature will be the monthly rankings. Now THAT will be handy…