$10 For Dobber’s Ultimate Fantasy Pack!




I’ve just swung an arrangement that would see the Ultimate Fantasy Pack in your hands at a $20 discount. Here’s how…


Even if you’ve already bought the Guide or one of the Packs!



Draft Kings offered to pay for your $29.99 Ultimate Fantasy Pack (that includes the Fantasy Guide, Draft List, Prospects Report, Midseason Guide AND Playoff Draft List next spring) – if you deposit $10 with them via this link.


What’s the catch? There really isn’t one. Everybody gains with this. I’ll explain:


– Draft Kings gains exposure and players. They want you to try their game, play $10 worth and they want you to see how fun it is. 


– I gain two things. I sell an Ultimate Pack to readers who may not normally buy the Ultimate Pack and Draft Kings pays me the full amount plus a small commission. So I lose nothing. And secondly, my readers are happy with me because they get three guides and two draft lists for 10 bucks!


– And you, dear reader, gain…well, three guides and two draft lists for 10 bucks! There is no hidden agenda here! Sure, you may have to jump through a couple of extra hoops, but five minutes of your time is totally worth it if you’re getting all this for 10 bucks.


We all gain from this (and clearly Draft Kings wants you to check them out badly if they are paying this much just to get you to try)




Create a new account at Draft Kings, deposit $10, and Draft Kings will then buy you DraftKings2Dobber’s 2014 Ultimate Fantasy Pack! Spend $10, get $30 worth of fantasy hockey tools? Yes please!

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