Already Bought the Guide and Want the Promo?



This is a little tricky, but it’s workable. It just requires a bit of patience (on both ends!).


First off, if you are already signed up with Draft Kings, you are ineligible for the promotion. Sorry for this, but Draft Kings already paid big money in a previous promotion to have you try their game.


If you already bought the:


– Ultimate Fantasy Pack

– Keeper League Fantasy Pack

– Dobber’s Fantasy Guide


And you want to take advantage of this promo, then I will refund you. Here are the steps.


1. Go here and deposit $10 to Draft Kings via the promotion

2. E-mail me here

3. When you send the email I need two things:

a) your receipt from Draft Kings

b) your receipt or invoice number of your original purchase from me

📢 advertisement:


I ask for you patience with the refunds, because given the time of year (busiest three weeks of 2014 for us) it may take up to a week to get to it, depending on the volume.


Furthermore, if you bought the UFP, KLFP or Fantasy Guide in May or June – the system won’t allow me to refund you. Paypal and the credit card systems have time limits on that and I believe it’s 90 days. However I can offer you a store credit for that amount, or email money transfer.


I’m not out to take any more of your money and punish you for buying from me early – this offer is to save you money (you save 20 bucks and Draft Kings is paying me that 20 bucks plus a fee – that’s where I gain). Unfortunately, the agreement with Draft Kings just came to fruition 9/19/2014 so I’m doing what I can to make sure everyone can take advantage of it and not leave out the earlier customers.


Also note, this refund does not include Fantasy Hockey Geek – you would only be refunded the amount you paid for my Guide (or UFP or KLFP)


But the bottom line – if you’re paying $10 and getting the Fantasy Guide, Draft List, Midseason Guide, Prospects Report and Playoff Draft list, you win big! And hey, you play with that $10 at Draft Kings and maybe you can win some money out of the deal.