Who would you rather own in fantasy hockey – Milan Lucic or Wayne Simmonds? The answer? Right here…

This week's contest features two of the league's premier multi-cat wingers – Milan Lucic and Wayne Simmonds. Who'll be the better performer in 2014-15, and which is poised to help your team more in the coming seasons? Time to find out – this battle begins now!


Career Path and Contract Status/Cap Implications

Both players are now 26 and were second round draft picks. Lucic was 18 when selected and in the NHL by 19, while Simmonds lagged a year behind (drafted at 19, NHL debut at 20).

Each embodied the "magical fourth year" concept, where production rises – often dramatically – in a player's fourth full season, with Lucic tallying 62 points in 79 games following a previous high of 42, while Simmonds had a more modest breakout of 49 points in 82 games, after a previous best of 40. Lucic has since been a model of consistency, posting 61 and 59 points in his two subsequent full seasons, whereas Simmonds has been on a steady climb, with 32 points in 45 games (58 point full season pace) for 2012-13, and then 60 points last season.