Top 10 most frustrating fantasy players to own (2014)

Tom Collins




The 10 most frustrating players to own in fantasy hockey…

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a list about the top 10 most frustrating aspects of fantasy hockey. Today I thought it would be fun to continue that trend by focussing on some of the most frustrating players to own.

Obviously, many of these players revolve around injuries. But some are on the list simply because they have not lived up to the hype that has revolved around them.

What's guaranteed is that many owners have finally sold these guys for pennies on the dollar, and couldn't be happier to be rid of the headaches.

So here are the top 10 most frustrating fantasy players.

10. Beau Bennett

Bennett is on this list for those who bought into the hype that he would be a great compliment as a top-six player on the Penguins. Since making it into the NHL, he's had trouble scoring, has no chemistry with Evegni Malkin or Sidney Crosby and has spent more time on the injury list than off it. Those who have wasted a high prospect pick on him in the hopes of him becoming the next Chris Kunitz may be swearing off Pens prospects for quite a while. 


9. Evander Kane

Every year is supposed to be the great breakout year for the former fourth-overall entry draft pick. But since a 30-goal, 57-point season in 2011-12, he hasn't taken the next step. In 134 games since then, he has just 42 goals, 87 points and three Twitter controversies. Don't get me wrong. For leagues that count shots and hits, he still has plenty of value. But we keep expecting him to post 30 goals and 60 points on a regular basis, and it's just not happening.