Between the Lines: Week 14

Chris Wassel




The hottest lines in fantasy hockey for Week 14.


This week saw one hell of a crooked Saturday night and it was the week of the four-man forward units. Now it is time to go "Between The Lines".


Lead Us Forwards


Tyler JohnsonNikita KucherovOndrej PalatBrett Connolly (Tampa Bay) – You thought the Steven Stamkos line would be here but shame on you yet again. Johnson is a player I have touted from day one and he has not disappointed along with Nikita Kucherov. This quartet had ten points when together and could have had more. It is a nice "second" line to hop on when the Stamkos line is constantly jammed up by the opposition. Please keep in mind that this is going to be one of those lines where the first three may be back on here next week. Ondrej Palat shocked everyone with a seven point week while Johnson and Kucherov (six and five points respectively) have a chemistry that cannot be put into words.


Anders LeeFrans NielsenRyan Strome (NY Islanders) – The latest Islanders line combination to top this list is the only three man unit to do so. They racked up nine points when together and it has just become clear that Anders Lee is going to be a force in this league whether people want to admit it or not. They all had three points each on the week but you get the feeling that this line is developing really nicely. If the trio can only stay together, they have the potential to finally be that second line to complement the John Tavares line but time will tell.



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