Top 100 Roto Players – March 2015

Austin Wallace


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Check out the top 100 Roto rankings for March 2015.


Roto Breakdown

 By Mike McMillan

This is the Top 100 Roto rankings for March 2015.  As you already know if you've been following this season, the Roto uses Fantasy Hockey Geek's proprietary formula for evaluating different categories against each other and the Top 100 Roto's category scores and multi-year averages allow for easy and informed evaluation.  If your league does not count one of the categories listed here, just remove it from the calculations since all the category scores add up to the overall score.

If you are completely new to this list, we are using 2 categories to gauge how sustainable each players' production is:


Change in 5-on-5 Shooting %: Comparing the players shooting percentage from this season to his previous 3 seasons. An average shooting percentage for a scoring forward is around 10-12%. If a player that has been shooting 10% his whole career suddenly has a month of shooting 20%, we know he's been getting some puck luck and can predict regression moving forward. If they have a significantly lower shooting percentage compared to their career average, we can predict a boost in production. Players in their first 2-3 seasons may not have enough data to make a reliable prediction and players at the end of their careers may be facing a natural athletic regression. But for the most part this will help us know those who will maintain production and those who will fall off.


PDO: Adding on-ice shooting and save percentages. A PDO of 100 means that when a player is on the ice both goalies are letting in shots at the same rate. If your opponent's goalie is letting in shots at a much higher rate, that could be talent, luck, or both, but in most cases it is just luck. For both PDO and shooting percentage, we are only looking at 5 on 5 stats, so different amounts of powerplay/penalty kill time doesn't directly affect things.