Ekman-Larsson Without Yandle – Better or Worse?

Doran Libin




Is OEL a better fantasy own without Keith Yandle?


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” William Shakespeare


“Does an Ekman-Larsson without a power play smell as sweet?” Doran Libin


Ekman-Larsson is currently the only 20 goal scorer on the Arizona Coyotes. 20 goals for a defenseman is impressive, let alone one who carries the defensive load for his team. Part of OEL's success was the nature of the dynamic power play duo he formed with Keith Yandle. That partnership came to an end when Yandle was traded to the Rangers as the Coyotes embarked on the beginning of their rebuild. The changes in Arizona will undoubtedly have an effect on OEL's production for the last two weeks of the season as well as down the road. Everyone knows what Ekman-Larsson was capable of in the last iteration of the Coyotes but that could change.


Oliver Ekman-Larsson




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