April 1 2015



Big Suspension for Big Buff? Thoughts on Kuznetsov, Namestnikov and more …


Hope you enjoyed my dummy Ramblings posted in celebration of April Fool’s Day. If you missed them, you can find them here. Bonus points for you if you found the real Ramblings through a link in the dummy Ramblings. And if you can name me the three topics that were posted, as well as the language used at the bottom to link to the actual ramblings, then you win a wink-and-a-gun courtesy of me. I’ll even make a trigger noise while doing it.


First, let’s review the tight race in the West which is obviously going to be decided in the last game of the last day. Vancouver plays at 10 ET in the final game of the NHL season. You know that’s going to be the one to decide it. Why? Because it means I can’t finalize my Playoff Draft List in advance, and the hockey gods rarely allow me to do that.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re familiar with the situation, but to save you from bouncing back and forth between two tabs, here:

2P- VAN 93 with six GR

3P- CGY 91 with five GR

w- WPG 90 with five GR

out- LA 88 with six GR

The Jets giving up a goal in the waning minutes to lose the game was a real heartbreaker. But that’s not why they’re in trouble. Not even the fact that they’ve lost two in a row. No, they’re in trouble because they’re probably going to lose Dustin Byfuglien for a whole whackload of games because of a Bertuzzi-esque cross-check to the back of the neck of J.T. Miller. Nine second mark: