April 3, 2015

steve laidlaw


Bobrovsky with another late-season run, Carlson threatening the top five, Mark Stone’s Calder push and more…




Sergei Bobrovsky is making a great late-season push for the third straight season. His numbers since returning from injury in early March:


11-2-0 – 2.44 GAA – .924 Save%


Not quite as gaudy as his March/April numbers from each of the past two seasons but a crazy trend none the less. It's only a three-year sample so it's not exactly a large data set but it's still incredible to see. I'd be quicker to dismiss it if I wasn't talking about the possibility of a third straight eruption all year in the ramblings.


The question is, why is this happening? The simple answer is that the Blue Jackets were banged up all year and now that they are getting healthy again they are suddenly playing competitive hockey. We've seen something similar play out in the past couple of seasons. They've got a really nice set of hockey players in Columbus when everyone is available. They play fast, heavy hockey.


The problem I have is that this isn't very predictive. Just because I talked about Bobrovsky making a late-season push all year doesn't mean that he is a warlock whose abilities are unlocked by the shifting of the equinox. That would be as ridiculous as if I claimed that I had "the sight" just because I discussed this possibly happening once again.


What you can do, however, is treat Bobrovsky like a top-10 goalie going into next season. He definitely has that kind of talent. The Blue Jackets (when healthy) have the talent to support such a projection. Whether or not he puts it together and the team stays healthy is another story. But let's say Bobrovsky and the Blue Jackets stumble early on next season. Seems like there's a good amount of evidence that suggests you should buy low. Not because Bobrovsky always blows the doors off come spring but because Bobrovsky's a talent who you want on your team when push comes to shove.




Just a horrific game for fantasy owners of Braden Holtby and Carey Price. A 4-4 shootout game with only 46 shots combined between the two teams? Gross. I own both in the Dobber Experts League. Even though this is a rotisserie league and we are DEEP into the season I suspect this game will cost me.


John Carlson with three assists, for the Caps, all coming on the power play. He has crept into sixth in scoring among defensemen just three back of Kris Letang. Given Letang's injury status, Carlson has a legitimate shot at a top-five finish. The only thing in his way is time.


It certainly tool some injury luck to get Carlson to this point. No way Carlson gets top-five if Letang, Mark Giordano, Kevin Shattenkirk and Victor Hedman don't miss time but health is also a part of the game and Carlson certainly has it. Carlson hasn't missed a game since joining the league full-time. At this point, you have to treat him like at le