Playoff Prep – Eastern Conference 2015

Eric Daoust




Looking at Eastern Conference players to key on and avoid in playoff pools.


Even with most of the year's hockey pools coming to a close this week, the beginning of the NHL playoffs is a very important time in fantasy hockey. Player values change all the time and the postseason is no different in that regard. This week we will look at the top two teams from each division in the Eastern Conference, with analysis being done from the perspective of playoff pools or keeper leagues (or both).


In playoff pools, the drafts usually go unfold in similar fashion. People will try to get a hold of multiple players from teams they think will survive at least a couple rounds. As we are going to see, the majority of players produce similarly during the regular season and playoffs which makes player valuation much easier. However, there are always outliers that cannot be ignored. While focusing on the right teams is essential, the choices that you make within those clubs are equally important, especially in the later rounds.


In keeper leagues the impact of the NHL playoffs is completely indirect. People can be very emotional and overreact to sudden changes in player performance. In fantasy hockey that means there will be opportunities to buy low and sell high. While playoff performances could be a sign of things to come, the regular season is what really matters in most keeper leagues and many of the odd production changes will ultimately amount to nothing.