Eastern Conference 2014-15 Review

Eric Daoust




2014-15 Fanasy All Stars from the Eastern Conference.



With the NHL playoffs well underway and the draft lottery recently completed, now is a good time to look back on the NHL regular season. In particular, today we will cover the players in the Eastern Conference with the greatest fantasy impact at each position.  Unfortunately, trying to determine which player has been most fantasy-relevant is extremely difficult. After all, league size and scoring categories make your league's value scale unique to your setting. In some leagues, agitators carry great value while in others they are avoided at all costs.


In order to attempt to get around the problem, we will simplify things by using goals, assists, shots on goal and hits. The goal is to cover a wide array of formats and try to determine which players stood out as cross-platform superstars.


Of course, position eligibility is always going to come into question, especially with providers like Yahoo being so generous in assigning extra positions to just about everyone. In this instance players were only considered at one position and judgment calls had to be made. Otherwise the same player could potentially end up on the list at two different positions. Nobody would ever allow something that absurd to happen, right?


As usual, credit goes to Fantasy Hockey Geek for providing league rankings for this multi-category setup.