The Contrarian – The Cult of Mike Babcock

Ian Gooding



Would Mike Babcock really choose the Edmonton Oilers?

Yesterday morning The Cult of Hockey, a blog found on the Edmonton Journal, posted an article titled Window opens up for Edmonton Oilers to make their move on Mike Babcock. In it, they list seven reasons why Mike Babcock would choose to join the Oilers if he decides to leave the Detroit Red Wings.

1. Money

They make the claim that Daryl Katz has the money and is willing to give it to Babcock.

Well, there are lots of owners and ownership groups that have money. Katz doesn't have all the money and even so, the Oilers are still a small market team.

2. Bob Nicholson

The links are well known and documented. Both he and Babcock were behind the two Canadian Olympic gold medal successes. It is a feather in the Oilers' cap, but so were the links to the various Stanley Cup championships with Kevin Lowe and Craig MacTavish, and look how it worked out for them. The Globe and Mail's Erik Duhatschek wrote an article when Peter Chiarelli was hired and mentions the Lowe/MacTavish expectations. Now they are being phased out.

3. Peter Chiarelli

Similar to Nicholson, he and Babcock were part of the 2014 men's gold winning team. He has a good record as GM, but it is probably his deal to trade Tyler Seguin away that is the reason why the Boston Bruins decided to let him go. Would he want Babcock? I think he would. So would anyone else who didn't have this link.

4. Connor McDavid

Ah. The next 'Next One'. We can certainly see that being appetizing for a coach but how long before the team is in a position to contend for the Stanley Cup? It is an important question because as Nicholas Cot