2015-2016 Fantasy Outlook: Philadelphia Flyers and Columbus Blue Jackets

Eric Daoust


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What kind of fantasy value and production can the Philadelphia Flyers and Columbus Blue Jackets have next year? 

While many teams continue to battle for the Stanley Cup, more than half of the league has been eliminated and is in the offseason. Even though each team will undergo many changes this summer, we can still look at their rosters and get an indication of things to come next year.  As we continue our march through the Eastern Conference starting from the bottom, today we will now take a look at the Philadelphia Flyers and Columbus Blue Jackets.

Philadelphia Flyers

For the second time in three years, the Flyers failed to secure a playoff spot. This overall decline follows many years of wacky decision-making to find quick fixes which has left a roster with many holes and a lack of NHL-ready prospects to come to the rescue. The team has done better of late adding quality prospects to their stable but lack guys that can turn heads immediately.

One of the biggest surprises of the year was Jakub Voracek's breakout campaign where he had 81 points, just six shy of the league lead. While he produced at a similar rate during the lockout-shortened 2012-13 season, Voracek had never achieved more than 62 points over a full schedule. The big question is whether or not Voracek overachieved or reached a new level that will be sustained moving forward. After all, he did slow down significantly down the stretch with just 23 points in his final 32 games.

One typical red flag that are found when analyzing potential overachievers is shooting percentage. A player that finds the back of the net more often than he normally does given his shots on goal is bound to regress. Over time, his shooting percentage tends to return to the player's career average. In Voracek's case, there was no inflated shooting percentag