Top 215 Fantasy Hockey Prospects – July 2015






The Top 215 Keeper League Fantasy Hockey Prospects – July McDavid edition




Here is the list of Top 215 prospects to own in your deep fantasy pool. This is not a reflection of a player’s actual upside in the NHL, but more of an indicator of his value in pools. It takes into account how many years away from the NHL a player is, as well as his upside. A potential 70-point player who is two years away is more valuable than a potential 80-point player who is four years away. Hockey pools with 300 or more players drafted should have most of the top 50 on the below list on one of the teams. Pools that are even deeper than that, may find some use in the rest of this list. Pools with 250 players may find use in only the top 20 or 30.As with the Fantasy Player list – these players are evaluated only for their offensive potential, and not for their penalty minutes, plus/minus or defense, etc. Goalies are not included in this list either.


My Prospect Ratings are NOT the same as my Fantasy Ratings, although Fantasy Ratings are taken into account. The term 'prospect' is simply my opinion, and I followed no rules to say whether or not the player is actually a prospect other than age (under 27), and the player must belong to an NHL team.

Updated the 10th, of every month.

o = offensive
t = two-way
p = power forward
d = defenseman
os = offensive (small player)








Note: "PR" stands for "