Ramblings – July 30 2015

Michael Clifford


Colin Wilson Colin Wilson – USA Today Sports Images[/caption]


Thoughts on Wilson’s fantasy future, trends among defensemen, the fallout in Vancouver and more…

I have to say, and I hate to sound biased, but the new layout for the site looks fantastic. It's really hard to describe it as any other way than "clean". The new cosmetic details look sharp, but they still maintain the integrity and essence of the original site. Kudos to Dobber for the changes, and though there are bumps in the road like any roll out of any new site, it promises to be a great step forward for the entire Dobber Sports world.


As always on Thursdays, I will have an open thread over on the Dobber Forums for readers to pop in and ask any fantasy question that comes to mind. Maybe a post has gone unread or unanswered elsewhere, and the reader really wants to get a second opinion on it. I'd be more than happy to help. Be sure to head over around lunchtime and I'll have my thread up for both fantasy and non-fantasy hockey questions.

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There was a signing that went kind of under the radar last week, and that was Colin Wilson re-upping with the Predators. From Cap Friendly, Wilson is going to carry an average annual value just under $4-million per year for the next four years.

Wilson has been a pretty good NHL player for a while, having played just under 300 games going into the 2014-2015 campaign. He never racked up the points – 35 was a career-high before last year – but he was good at driving the play away from his own end, or better than most Nashville forwards, any