Capped: Destinations for the Remaining Free Agents

Chris Pudsey


Capped: Where are some of the likely landing spots for the remaining free agents?

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With that being said, let’s move on to this week’s Capped.

We are well into the dog days of summer hockey and the UFA signings have really slowed down the past few weeks. Teams are re-signing RFA’s and newly drafted kids to their entry-level deals, but there are still a lot of unrestricted free agents waiting to find new homes for the upcoming 2015-16 NHL season. 

In this week’s Capped, we will take a look at what teams could still be buyers and what they may very well be looking for. The amount of cap space and available roster spots that teams have could also directly affect how much they can afford to sign the remaining UFA’s. This can be a good thing for fantasy owners as your remaining guys may end up taking less as the summer drags on, just to find work. Less cap space may also force some players to leave for other leagues, as we have seen in the past. The KHL is always looking for players to return home, along with other premiere leagues in Europe.

Thanks to our new salary cap affiliate, Capfriendly, here is a chart that shows every team’s estimated cap space today along with how many roster players they already have signed to their NHL club heading into the 2015-16 season. Keep in mind that the salary cap this year will be $71.4M and the cap floor is set at $52.8M. This lists teams in reverse order in regards to available cap space.



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