Eastern Edge: Top-10 Left Wingers

Eric Daoust


Anders Lee - USA Today Sports Images


A look at the top-10 left wingers to target in your fantasy hockey leagues this season …


After covering the top-five fantasy goalies, defensemen and right wings in the Eastern Conference for the 2015-16 season, this week we shift our focus to the top-10 left wingers in the East for the upcoming year. Due to this being a list for one-year leagues, age will not be a factor outside of predicting breakout young performers and declines among aging veterans. Offensive production will be the main focus although other scoring categories will be taken into consideration, mostly for tiebreakers. Of course, other factors will be taken into account such as projected power play opportunities, overall ice time and the quality of teammates.

Unfortunately, in some cases deciding which position a player should be listed under is not clear. It varies in the NHL and it also varies from one fantasy league host site to another. For the purpose of this series each forward will be assigned one position.


Just missing the cut

While there is endless speculation about him transitioning to center at some point, for now Alex Galchenyuk is a left wing and sits just outside of the top 10. The 21-year-old has immense potential but has limited upside for now on the Canadiens’ second line. With that said he still managed to put up 46 points last year despite a nasty late-season slump. He is also entering his fourth year which typically leads to a jump in production.

Also missing the cut is Sabres’ newcomer Evander Kane, who is one of the best multi-category players in terms of per-game production. His pitfall is a lack of big offensive numbers along with a proneness to injury. The good news is Kane will have a nice situation in Buffalo sitting at the top of the depth chart on a team that is gathering a lot of talent including young star Jack Eichel. This will help pad Kane’s point total.


10) Anders Lee – New York Islanders

Lee’s first full NHL season was a big success as he managed to score 25 times (41 points) while averaging just 14:24 in ice time. He did so while hitting the net 197 times, and his shooting percentage (12.7 percent) is not abnormally high. This indicates he was not a benefactor