The Contrarian – Eye Know So, Okposo

Demetri Fragopoulos


Kyle Okposo - USA Today Sports Images

How serious was Kyle Okposo's eye injury last season?

I cannot wait for training camps to start a little less than a month away, because it will start giving us some good things to chew on.

Since it is mid-to-late August, we get some things that are clearly filler. It is not that it is bad, but it is also not entirely new or captivating.

That is what we get from THN’s Jared Clinton and his projections of 20 players who could become unrestricted free agents by the end of the season. Like I said, it is not bad and it is not entirely new either. You too can compile a list of your own by going to a site like Cap Friendly and pick from all the UFAs.

What has me mentioning Clinton’s article is who he has eighth on his list: Kyle Okposo. This is what he writes: “Okposo has always seemed like a definite threat to breakout and have a 30-goal season, but injuries have almost always gotten the best of him,” and “His stock will shoot through the roof [if] he’s healthy all year.”

Honestly, how can you argue with that? I liked Okposo before and it is true that he was progressing very well from his 2013-14 season of 69 points. Again, from Clinton, “It was the best performance of his career and he was heating up in 2014-15 before an upper body injury put him on the shelf.”

Oh-no, the dreaded “upper body injury.” Up to that point in time, Okposo had garnered 44 points in 46 games for the Islanders.

We know what it was. He had a detached retina and Clinton should have said exactly that. This was not a normal "pulled rib" or something of a similar nature injury. The specifics of the injury were, I believe, broken by Katie Strang of ESPN.

That is not the end of it though as we find out from Arthur Staple via his Twitter account. He indicated that Okposo needed a second surgery to deal with an infection.

Infections happen, that the surgeries were successful and that it did not take more time for Okposo to recover was great news. It still sounds like a very scary injury though.

I found a Sports Illustrated piece by Sarah Barshop that explains the co