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DobberHockey Hall of Fame – class of 2015 – welcomes three new members…


DobberHockey launched in November of 2005 and the forum launched in late February of 2007. Since then, the community has exploded and now thousands of members contribute and help each other through some difficult decisions – or merely engage in friendly banter. It is here where we will enshrine the best of the best. In all aspects of…





Background – DobberHockey Forum


DobberHockey 2.0 was a php Nuke design that allowed for commenting. Once the current DobberHockey was launched with a forum, those commenters migrated to there. Hall-of-Famer Shoeless has been a leader in the forum, with both his advice and his courtesy. But he's not the only one. Over 264 (as of October, 2014) members have topped 1000 posts (and 19 with over 10,000 posts), all the while keeping the forum a helpful and friendly place to congregate. We could easily add 200 people to this HoF, but will instead try our very best to somehow narrow the list to three people per year.



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Builder's Category

2015 – Justin Goldman – When "Goldie" contacted me in August of 2007, he pitched an all-goalie column. I was skeptical that he could come up with new and interesting content every week, but boy was I wrong. After 200 School of Block articles and almost never missing a week, Goldman and I partnered on a venture together: we bought We then changed his article title to Goalie Post and Justin continued writing weekly until he