Friday, Sept. 11

Neil Parker


Micheal Ferland - USA Today Sports Images


Ferland and Franson sign, Galchenyuk will have a new role, more Kessel-Corsby linkage and Bruins laughs …




There was another article thrown up promoting the Sidney CrosbyPhil Kessel combo, and this time at The good thing for fantasy owners is it doesn't matter which center Kessel skates with.

While I'm sure this has been covered, the offseason commitment from the former doughboy is what should have you excited the most. Perhaps, I'll be mocked out the door, but investing a first-round pick on Kessel isn't out of the question in my books.

Kessel has one of the highest floors of all skaters, especially considering his durability, and now has an elite center for the first time in his career.

Don't be shy. You have a shot to grab the Rocket Richard winner.




This was pretty funny.

I've made no secrets about my expectations for the Bruins heading into the season, and this sort of stuff makes me laugh. It means absolutely nothing, but perhaps, Don Sweeney's own words could serve as a reminder for him, too.

"There’s still an educational process [here]," Sweeney said. "These are young kids, and they need to understand they are now being evaluated as pros.

"Really it’s about going forward for each and every one of them. Some guys will return to their junior teams with the expectation next year that they have to pass. We expect them to pass," he said. "They’ll have to do some work as a result of it. But it’s still an educational process as far as their personal growth."

There is all kinds of room for the educational process to help the Boston front office. So we'll see what is ahead, but this was a welcome to the pros moment for GM and players.

And yes, I know the conditions weren't ideal for the tests.