Capped: Getting Out Early

Chris Pudsey


Five players to sell in your salary cap league before they become too expensive.

Just like the NHL regular season, it’s likely most of your fantasy seasons are winding down as well; championships are probably being determined this week. To those who are still in the race, my congrats to you on your successful season. To those of us who are on the outside looking in, there’s always next season. 


Whether you still have something going on or not, it’s never too late to start thinking about your fantasy team’s next move. Usually, most leagues have a trade deadline and it’s normally before the playoffs begin. It also normally re-opens once the season has completed and a winner has been chosen. That time is just around the corner so you really need to consider what moves you want to make early in the off-season, and especially before the draft happens if you are interested in acquiring draft picks.


In this weeks Capped, we will take a look at some guys you should seriously consider shining up and putting at the top of your trade block for all to see and hopefully, you can sell for a healthy return. If there is one thing I always focus on in my cap leagues, its look further ahead than simply looking at next season, with a huge focus on salaries. I have said it many times; cap management is ever so important if you are to be successful in cap leagues. This means being prepared for what’s coming down the road not only for this season but future seasons as well. The smart GM’s are the ones who look further down the road and make smart choices based on that.


I guess in some regards, we could call this a “sell-high” list heading into the off-season but I don’t believe much in sell-high, buy-low lists in keeper leagues so we will just call it an off-season clean up.


In no particular order, here are the guys I would be focusing on moving out for a healthy return if you currently own them.


Brad Marchand – Boston Bruins

Cap hit: $4.5 million AAV

One year remaining on current deal before UFA






















It’s hard not to be impressed with what Marchand has done this season for the Bruins, and for fantasy owners. He is having a career year in many regards; surpassing the 30-goal plateau for