NHL Injuries – Playoff Primer Edition 2016

Ajay Da Costa


NHL Injury Report – the latest injury info as we head into the 2016 NHL postseason – Seguin, Perron, Vlasic, more…


Congratulations to all our regular-season winners! I hope you shoved it in your friends’ stupid ugly faces, like I did. And if you lost… Well… Sucks to suck I guess! Maybe you should try to win a playoff pool? If that’s your path, there’s some stuff you might need to know. Take heed, ye be entering playoff injury news here. Teams absolutely hate discussing their players’ injuries, so it will be sparse. On top of that, there was an unusually long break since the end of the regular season, so players have had a chance to rest up and get to 100% for game 1. Way to hamstring my column, NHL. Here’s your injuries for each series and how they’ll likely factor into who’ll win.


The West


Dallas vs Minnesota

Tyler Seguin (day-to-day, Achilles tendon cut)

Jason Demers (recent returned, separated shoulder)

Mattias Janmark (could play in game 1, upper-body injury)

Brett Ritchie (week-to-week, lower-body injury)

Zach Parise (day-to-day, aggravated herniated disk)

Thomas Vanek (day-to-day, rib injury)

Erik Haula (day-to-day, undisclosed)

Minnesota definitely gets the short end of the stick here. While Tyler Seguin has a chance at missing game one, he won’t be out for long, and even if he is, Dallas was 8-2-0 without him. Jason Demers got a chance to shake off rust in the last game of the season, so Dallas’s defense won’t be hurting either. The Wild, on the other hand, are about to start the playoffs without Zach Parise, who may be out long-term here. Losing one