Ramblings: Potential Trade Targets, Casey Cizikas, Tyson Barrie (June 3)

Michael Clifford


Looking at Potential Draft Targets, Tyson Barrie, Faceoffs, Casey Cizikas


Given how the overtime winner was scored in Game 2 of this Stanley Cup Final, there has been a lot of talk around faceoffs. This is perhaps one of the more contentious issues in hockey.

Let’s look at this year alone: The top two teams in faceoff percentage this past year both missed the playoffs (Arizona, Carolina); four of the top ten missed the playoffs (the previous two plus Ottawa and Toronto); two more in the top 10 were probably the worst teams to make the playoffs this year in Detroit and Minnesota.

There is a ton of literature out there on this subject, but this is a quick and easy read from Hockey’s Wilderness, the SBNation Minnesota Wild blog. There’s no significant correlation between faceoffs and a high possession rate. I repeat: there is no significant correlation between faceoffs and high possession rate. If anyone still wants to dispute the importance of puck possession to team success (and sustained franchise success), please do so elsewhere.

As the blog points out, it’s not to say that faceoffs are completely unimportant, and that’s what Sidney Crosby’s goal showed last night. There are the types of one-off situations where they are very important. Also, winning the draw in the offensive zone on the power play has its obvious benefits. It’s just that the extent to which faceoffs are lionized is kind of misguided. They are basically like hits; doing it a lot doesn’t mean a team will succeed, or that they’re very important. But there are situations where they do come to the forefront, and Game 2 was one of those situations.


There was an interesting article yesterday over at TSN, looking at some names that may be on the move this summer. This was the entire list, taken from their website:


So, uh, let’s look at a few of the more intriguing ones, and think about them in fantasy terms.

One that jumped out right away was Tyson Barrie, and I’ll get to him later. But three other young d-men that are on this list are Jacob Trouba, Sami Vatanen, and Hampus Lindholm.

I don’t doubt that the Ducks will probably have to trade one of Vatanen or Lindholm. I think this is a situation where Lindholm is unquestionably the better of the two young