Ramblings: Radulov, Expansion, Dobbernomics and more (June 8)




Rambling about Radulov’s value, expansion, Dobbernomics and more…


Get the Fantasy Prospects Report here – it’s out now and you can download it one second after you buy it. Don’t fall behind! I’m targeting June 12th for the release of the update on the FPR (may be earlier if the Pens close it out in five). Included in the update: Some error fixes/missing hyperlinks/Addition of Rankings to the draftee player profiles/Mock Draft/and 10 new profiles – including one for Jake DeBrusk, who is easily the most popular player that was missed in the first release.


In Monday’s Ramblings when I listed my top UFA’s I neglected to include Alexander Radulov. For what it’s worth, I would put him sixth on that list. Darren Dreger is reporting that Radulov is looking for $7.5 million per season for two years. And some hockey writers think that’s crazy. As I speculated in the forum here, Radulov would be taking a big pay cut to take that deal. Radulov should, at the very least, be treated like Mikkel Boedker. And Boedker is going to get four years or more at $4.5 per season. At least. Radulov should get at least $5.5 per season and get the two years he’s looking for. Is he a risk? Sure he is. He’s very flighty. Can’t make up his mind. Gets frustrated if the coach doesn’t make him king. But he’s been the best KHL player for a few years now and a couple of those years he was often considered the best non-NHL player in the world.

So where will Radulov end up and how will he do? This question is very coach-specific. Just from how he interacted with Barry Trotz, and how he punched (either by accident or otherwise) his one KHL coach (see below), there is a good chance that the wrong coach would see Radulov sulk his way to the press box. The “wrong coach” would be a demanding one. And if he sulked his way to the press box then we’re looking at something like 24 points in 40 games and then a mutual termination of the contract and then back to the KHL he goes. But with the right coach he could be a point-per-game player. So this is almost the Artemi Panarin question all over again – could be huge or could be a bust. And like I was with Panarin last year, I’ll be ‘interested’ but won’t overpay. That attitude cost me a great player last year, but I think caution is smart with these guys. Usually. Last year the risk-takers really cashed in, I’ll admit. Anyway, here is the KHL coach hit:


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