Frozen Forensics: Patric Hornqvist

Cam Robinson


Frozen Pool Forensics Dives Into Patric Hornqvist's Production and Future


Taken 230th overall in 2005 – a mere 229 spots after line mate Sidney Crosby had his name called that weekend – Patric Hornqvist has taken the path less travelled in his quest to become a champion. The pugnacious Swede plays a throw-back style game; he grinds the corners, goes to the front of the net with little regard for personal safety, and his cheeky smile is often the source of intense disdain by those on the receiving end.

Players of that ilk are rarely interesting to fantasy GM’s, especially those in points-only leagues. Well, Hornqvist is a player that won’t ever win an Art Ross trophy, but he’s the type of complimentary forward you round out your lineup with, and gives you a chance to win the big prize.

Situation and opportunity. Two vital ingredients to any secondary scorer; and the 2010 Olympian has those two slots locked up. Setting up on the right side of the best player on the planet and making his home in the blue paint on one of the league’s most potent power plays, Hornqvist has the opportunity to rack up points simply through his hard work, but he can beat you with skill too.

Spending the first six seasons of his career as part of the offensively-challenged Nashville Predators, it was often thought that his consistent production of 45-55 points would be supersized if given the opportunity to skate next to a more talented cast. After producing a career high point-per-game rate (0.8) in his first season with Pittsburgh – 51 points in 64 games, expectations were through the roof when an offseason trade brought Phil Kessel to town and even more talent overflowed from the Pens cup.

But as we learn time and time again, expectations aren’t always what they seem. Hornqvist and the Pens stumbled out of the gate, but with a quick swap of coaches, a few new bodies, and some flip-flopping of wingers, things started to shape up for Hornqvist and the Pens. Here’s a look at Hornqvist’s quarterly summaries using Dobber’s Player Profile

First Quarter Summary