Ramblings: Nathan MacKinnon, Rasmus Ristolainen, Mikko Rantanen and Tyson Barrie (June 18)

Neil Parker


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A closer look at three Aves and Rasmus Ristolainen …



Colorado is now expected to re-sign Tyson Barrie, and general manager Joe Sakic said the team won't be busy early in the free-agent period.

“We’re not going to be looking that day,” Sakic said. “As the summer goes on, we’ll see what good fits are. But on the July 1, don’t expect us to go after any big long-term deals. Within our own, we’re going to discuss what we have within, but outside on July 1 we’re not going to go after a big splash.”

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This says a few things.

Re-upping Nathan MacKinnon is their big splash.

Barrie, as he should be, is still viewed as a big piece of their team going forward.

Mikko Rantanen should have a big role in 2016-17.


Beginning with MacKinnon, there is potential for a true breakout this year. It's interesting to note the similarity between John Tavares' points-per-game mark (0.75) through his first two seasons, and MacKinnon's first three (0.70). The list below is since the 2005-06 post-lockout season.

It was Tavares' age-21 year where he took the big jump to 81 points — 31 goals — through 82 games.

Development isn't always linear with young players, especially in the point column, and MacKinnon has all the necessary physical tools to take that large leap forward.

Is he going to turn it on and be a point-per-game guy, likely not, but he could very easily return 30 goals, 30 assists and 225 shots on net. Only eight players hit all three benchmarks last season.

When you look at that collection, you see a group of players who will likely go in the first few rounds of most drafts, maybe the two top, with Patrice Bergeron the likely only exception.

After Round 3 or 4 of drafts, you should be targeting players who have the capability of scoring over 60 points. Just 4