Ramblings: Puljujarvi, Berube, Pickard, Jensen, two-way contracts (July 6)



Rambling about two-way contracts; also Puljujarvi, Pickard, Jensen, Brennan, Pulkkinen, Vey, Boll and more…


I had great and unexpected support for my Monday pro-Oilers statement. Of course, there were plenty of haters as well, but by March they’ll pretend they never said anything. Don’t worry – I’ll be right here rubbing it in reminding you.

Just to be clear though – I believe the Oilers could have and should have done better with that trade, and I believe that the Habs got the lesser player in Shea Weber. My stance is simply that it’s not that bad. Weber is still a star and Larsson will surprise. I’m just trying to throw a bit of water on the flames of hatred and anger that hockey fans have when it comes to these deals.

Anyway, I’ve spent enough time on this. If my opinion isn’t clear after the two trade breakdowns and the last Ramblings, then I can’t help you. Perhaps medical help?


I have heard a couple of comments expressing concern about Jesse Puljujarvi’s knee surgery. If you want to let that impact where you draft him by knocking him down your list, you go ahead. I won’t be adjusting one iota. It was minor knee surgery and he’ll be fine. In fact, if I were to have a concern about any part of owning Puljujarvi in a one-year league, it’s the fact that he is one of those rare 18-year-olds who is eligible to play in the AHL. Often an NHL team will keep their junior-aged prospect because they would be too dominant in the CHL. But because they have an option for Puljujarvi that would challenge him but on a lesser scale, the risk of demotion is there. Injury – no worries about that.


J. Schultz has finally signed! Yep, a two-way contract…with Anaheim! Okay, so it’s ‘Jeff’ Schultz and not ‘Justin’. I just wanted to scare Schultz owners…


J-F Berube signed a one-way contract worth $676k contract with the Islanders, meaning they will again have three goaltenders on one-way deals. Last year they claimed Berube off of waivers and it was confusing as to why they stuck with this three-headed monster in net. But by May it was pretty clear to me that GM Garth Snow was concerned about Jaroslav Halak’s health and his ability to come back properly from this latest injury. And of course they’re going to sign Berube and chances are it would be near the minimum and a one-way deal. It’s a little concerning to me nonetheless and I can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong with Halak to the extent that the team isn’t 100 percent certain that he’ll be able to be relied upon for more than half the games. I think the Isles goaltending situation – from a fantasy standpoint – is going to be a messy, bothersome situation not unlike how it’s been with the Blues for the last five years.


Jacob Josef