Top 40 Fantasy Prospect Goalies – August 2016



By popular demand – Top 40 prospect goalies to own in fantasy hockey, August edition.


I suppose I can't ignore 1000 emails! So I've pulled the prospect goaltenders out of the goalie list and give them their own list. Still, it's not an easy task. This isn't a ranking of goalie talent, otherwise you'd see the likes of Eric Comrie in the Top 10 and the likes of Marek Mazanec hovering around 40th. Instead, it's a ranking of fantasy value. A combination of upside, likelihood, wait time, spot on the depth chart and potential opportunity (what I like to call 'team politics'). If the goalie is just an-injury-to-the-starter away from helping your fantasy squad (i.e. Louis Domingue last season), it really boosts his value. The reality is, Domingue is not a superb goaltender. As a prospect, he's merely average. But can you top being a backup to Mike Smith, who is both shaky and somewhat prone to injury?

In my three keeper leagues I make it a policy not to even draft teenage goaltenders. If another GM in my league wants to sit on a kid for six years, go ahead. But I know I could help my fantasy team more if I draft a 22-year-old who could help me within two years. One exception I did make was Carey Price, who I drafted when he was 19 (see? Still have never taken an 18-year-old). But Price was special. If another Price comes along, I'm sure I'd do it again.

Another weird one here is the fact that I have Forsberg and Korpisalo, both of Columbus, within a few slots of each other. Bottom line – it's gonna be one or the other (if any). If I knew which one would be 'the man' for Columbus the next time Sergei Bobrovsky got hurt, then I'd sell my website and just make my living in Vegas. Until we know which one for sure – they both have value as prospects. Soderstrom and Sorokin (NYI) have the same situation.

'Prospect' for these purposes are goaltenders with 39 games of NHL experience or fewer. (Domingue is my mistake – call him a 'bonus' prospect)


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Aug 20 Goalie Team Rating Jul 20 Tier
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