Top 300 Keeper League Skaters – September 2016



The Top 300 skaters to own in fantasy hockey keeper leagues – September edition. Tweaking tweaking, always tweaking…


This month, as with every year, is the month with the fewest changes. Very few free agents signed or trades made since the August ranking. The few players who did join a new team have been adjusted, and there were several small tweaks based on feedback (i.e. I read your comments and take a second look at the player you mention). But otherwise, not a lot has changed.


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As always, the rankings consider points this year, their 3YP (likelihood points when they peak), their upside, proneness to injury, how their depth chart looks now and in the future (who is ahead of them/who they play with/coaching style). These are for points-only, and of course – positions are not factored (i.e. a defenseman's offensive upside isn't as high as a forward's).

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Note: +/- 5.0 rating points – consider them equal. Tomato/Tomatto – their respective owners probably rate the one they own higher.




Sep Player Team DEF? Rating Aug July Change
1 Connor McDavid EDM   179.8 1 3 0
2 Sidney Crosby PIT   170.6 2 1