Ramblings: Should the Canucks turn the page? Also, a great sleeper pick, the grim Isles and more (Dec 14)



Ramblings: Should the Canucks turn the page? Also, a great sleeper pick, the Isles looking grim and more


The Canucks. It seems I talk about every team but, with the exception this year of Loui Eriksson’s ineptness, the Canucks. That’s because, back in the Jeff Angus days he had them covered pretty well. And I know Ian Gooding’s a big fan so they get a fair share of mentions every Sunday. But they scored six goals on Tuesday and so I want to focus on them for a minute. Six goals were scored and Daniel Sedin managed just one assist. Henrik Sedin managed just one assist. Loui Eriksson managed just one assist. Has the page turned on these guys? In November of 2013 the twins signed a four-year contract extension that carries them through the end of next season, at which point they’ll be almost 38 years old. They are two seasons removed from 76 points (Daniel), but since that time everything has declined. The advanced stats indicate that the ideal situations for production are actually improving slightly, but the results are declining. And puck luck is right around the league average. There’s no reason for a decline other than…well, simply losing a step.

But in a game where Sven Baertschi gets leaned on a little more, they score six times. Baertschi gets three points and he also saw more power-play time than he’d seen in a month – and by percentage of available PP time he saw the most this season. The Canucks didn’t convert on the PP, but it does indicate to me that maybe Baertschi starts to play a bigger role. Not that I think he’s this slam-dunk future star, I actually don’t think highly of him, but on a team devoid of talent he’s the only other option along with Bo Horvat.

I’m just musing aloud here, but if the twins start getting 18 minutes of ice time instead of 19 or 20, and a portion of their PP time starts going to the second unit, then that might be better for all involved. The Sedins, the kids (like Baertschi, Horvat) – everyone.

Of course, all this is speculating about 40 and 50-point players. I mean, the Sedins are on pace for 55 (Daniel) and 52 points (Henrik) and Baertschi’s pace is for 41 points. But with different ice time distribution, it could be a catalyst for something that adds six or seven points for each of them.


By the way, Eriksson’s ice time is now being given to Baertschi. Sven is on the top PP unit with the twins and Brandon Sutter, while Eriksson is now on the second unit. As if you need me to paint you a grim picture of