GRamblings: Grubauer, Guentzel, Granlund, Grabner, Greenway, Gagner and Gmore (GJan 16)



GRamblings: Grubauer, Guentzel, Granlund, Grabner, Greenway, Gagner and Gmore


The Midseason Guide was released later Friday afternoon, and an update with error fixes was posted on Saturday morning. Besides the second-half projections, this beauty will also have players on the trade block (and what it means), prospects ready to make the jump for a dozen games down the stretch, the lowdown on undrafted or unsigned free agents (both in college and in Europe) and much more. Last year’s Midseason Guide, for example, had Troy Stecher, Drake Caggiula, Nick Lappin, Brandon Tanev, Alexander Radulov and Anton Rodin, to give you a small sample. Imagine getting a heads up on players like that in January instead of finding out about them in April or even July? Order it here

The two main errors that were fixed: 1. Anaheim chart had a player inserted and shoved the players down…but kept the other numbers in place. So each player had the wrong statline and position beside him. The projection list at the end was correct. 2. The New Jersey Three-Year-Peak chart was last year’s. Anyway, those two errors and a couple of typos were fixed for Saturday morning.


SERVER UPDATE! Nothing changed yet. When it wasn’t done by Wednesday I put the entire move on hold until the Midseason Guide weekend went by. Too critical a time to be switching servers. I’ll update here and/or on Twitter the moment I have a new timeline in place.


I saw Washington won 5-0 again and immediately cringed. In my main keeper league I’m winning but the big lead is shrinking as the guy in second place closes steadily. He has Braden Holtby, so this winning streak is killing me. Imagine how I perked up when I saw that Philippe Grubauer started!

I didn’t see the game because I was driving back from an out-of-town draft, but the numbers tell me that the Flyers were let down by their goaltending while the Caps were saved by theirs. Washington had 18 giveaways (Philly had five) and were outshot 24-22, yet managed a 5-0 win. For Grubauer, it was his first game in 12 days and he’s 8-1-1 on the season. He has an outside shot at 15 wins this season despite just 18 or 20 starts! His contract is up after this season and I’m certain he’ll get a big raise, likely over $2 million per season – maybe two years at $5 million and then he’s a UFA. If you don’t mind sitting on a goaltender for two years, he’s probably going to be a starter after that. Expansion is also a possibility, but that might actually hurt him in the short term if Vegas also take