Frozen Pool Forensics: 2017 Trade Deadline Impact

Cam Robinson


This week on Frozen Pool Forensics, we’ll dig into several players who moved organizations and how that will impact them in the world of fantasy.

It’s become common knowledge that the NHL entry draft and days leading up to it are king when it comes to reshaping your organization, and despite the lackluster results of the most recent trade deadline, it’s still important to take stock of the players of impact who were moved and how that may affect their fantasy values. As well, for the younger players who were often shipped the other direction, do they suddenly have a much clearer path to a full-time spot? Will a new coaching regime push them where they need to go to be successful?




Nikolay Goldobin


Jim Benning coming away as the consensus winner of the trade deadline is enough to make you question up from down. It’s as if we’re living in the bizzaro world coined by Superman and made real by Seinfeld.


One of his prized new young players that he pried away last week is Nikolay Goldobin. The 21-year-old winger owns high-end offensive skills and a creative mind to go along with it. The knock on him since his draft season was his strength and play away from the puck. Those hindrances – which seem to be slowly evaporating, allowed him to slip all the way to 27th overall in 2014 where San Jose snapped him up.


Word around the campfire was Benning and co. were very close to selecting him at 24 but decided they needed a centre and took Jared McCann instead. Well they’ve got the silky Russian now and it’s time to see what they’ll do with him.


Immediately recalled to Vancouver upon the trade, Goldobin didn’t waste any time scoring a goal-scorer’s goal by blowing the zone a fraction of a second early and potting a nice breakaway tally against Ben Bishop.