Free NHL Playoff Hockey Pool Boxes – 2017



Free playoff player boxes, for those who would like to run simple pools at the office…


Every year in April (for the NHL playoffs) and in August (for the regular season) I group players into comparable boxes and post them online for people to enjoy for free. Whether it's for the office or just with a bunch of friends, sometimes you just want something simple. 'LIKE' my other Facebook page called Fantasy Hockey Box Pools and you'll get a reminder in your newsfeed each time these box pools are ready.


This is not a program. There are no buttons to click. This is only the simple box pool set up for your convenience, ready to print for you and your friends and colleagues.


UPDATED: Tabs now include options – different boxes based on who gets in (Toronto, Tampa, or NY Islanders)!!

PlayoffBoxes2017 (spreadsheet with boxes for C, W, D and G on one tab – and the other tab has "teams" instead of goaltenders


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Remember – these are spreadsheets meant for printing. They are not a pool tracker or a program of any kind. You'll need Excel to open, or Google Docs will probably open it as well.


And of course if you are in something a little more challenging you can support the site by buying the 11th annual DobberHockey Interactive Playoff Draft List right here.


These simple pool formats are a great way to bring the casual hockey fan into our wonderful (demented?) world! Let's introduce our 'real world' friends to fantasy hockey. Great fun regardless if you're a hardcore fantasy puck junky or merely one of the lesser puck junkies who dabble in hockey talk occasionally