Top 100 Keeper League Defensemen – April 2017



The Top 100 defensemen to own in your points-only keeper leagues, April edition


Curated from the overall Top 300 skaters list, found here.


The Rules: These are for points-only leagues, and so this is both a long-term and short-term projection of upside measured against immediate dividends. Generally speaking, a rating of two players that are within +/- 5.0 rating points is an indication of equal value, and at that point you would need to consider your own needs and goals when comparing the two. Considered are depth chart, proneness to injury, upside, three-year-likely average, immediate season, and team direction.

This Month: I wiped this season clean and look ahead to next year and beyond. I did player-by-player look and – only off the top of my head – I tweaked the numbers. This means that injuries are wiped out (i.e. Myers), and inflated 2016-17 numbers are also wiped out (i.e. Burns), as well as some prospects who are going to see a bit of action next year. This is not a full analysis with careful study – an analysis like that takes me nearly two months and I do that for the Fantasy Guide (so the August 1st rankings). This is only "eyeballing" it for each player.


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Def Rk Player Team Rating April March
1 Erik Karlsson OTT 125.1 13 18
2 Brent Burns SJS 108.5 26 9