Frozen Pool Forensics: A Rookie Class for the Ages – Part 3

Cam Robinson


Auston Matthews - USA TODAY Sports Images


Well, we’ve finally made it. It’s been a long and winding journey that has seen this caravan of fantasy hockey players witness some truly remarkable sights: The feisty second generation NHL’er making his mark in Calgary; a 19-year-old Finn who popped 24 goals; the upstart Pittsburgh rookie who pushed a point-per-game for half a season; the historical campaign from a teenaged Blue Jacket defenseman and a couple of Maple Leafs who broke 60-points and a few hearts along the way.


Today, we dig into the final two freshmen standing. It just so happens that the two of them are quite familiar with one another, being closely compared for most of last season, summer and all of 2016-17.

Without further ado, here are your soon-to-be named winner and runner-up for the Calder Memorial Trophy:




Patrik Laine


“No one remembers who came in second place” – Walter Hagen

With all due respect to Mr. Hagen, I think we’ll have a decent chance of remembering Patrik Laine.

The most recent second overall selection once again must play second fiddle to Auston Matthews, but it’s not for a lack of trying or results. The unbridled enthusiasm that Laine displays on a nightly basis is enough to get people to tune in, and that howitzer of a shot keeps their butts in the seats.

As one of the youngest players in the league – He just turned 19 last week, Laine accomplished some incredible feats.

2016-2017 Regular Season