Ramblings: Robby Fabbri, Kevin Fiala, and the Tampa Bay Power Play – June 8

Michael Clifford


At the top this week, for those who haven’t read the statement released from Dobber yesterday, please do so here.

Dobber is a fighter, and someone who does not take any challenge passively. This will be no exception.

On a personal level, I am extremely appreciative of the opportunity afforded me here at Dobber Hockey by the man himself. It’s not easy to find a place to write about fantasy hockey during the playoffs, and particularly the offseason. Being able to do so with thousands of people reading is a rarity, and I can’t thank him enough. He is both a great boss and a great mentor, and I have little doubt that he’ll be back in no time wondering aloud why we’re all still believing in Carl Hagelin’s fantasy value.


After a Ramblings on Monday I wrote about the Dallas Stars, it occurred to me there are a couple of fantasy options that may come at a discount at the draft table due to injury. This isn’t always the case – Jamie Benn was still a first-round pick in September of 2016 despite offseason surgery, while Alex Steen likely still went inside the top-75 players despite offseason surgery of his own. We are also still a long way out from drafts, and predicting what human beings will do in three months can be a fruitless exercise.

Nonetheless, a big part of fantasy sports is finding value in drafts where others have overlooked. Being able to snag a player in the 11th round when you have him valued as a ninth-round pick is a small win, and a series of small wins can lead to a big one. Let’s go over two players, then, who are either injured now, or were injured during the season, and could come at a draft-day discount.

Robby Fabbri

He has just 123 regular season games under his belt over the last two years, but in those games, Fabbri’s points per 60 minutes (1.81) is nearly identical to that of Jaden Schwartz (1.82). Fabbri’s shots per 60 minutes (6.97) is a bit higher than that of Schwartz’s (6.57) as well. Schwartz is coming off a 55-point season, while Fabbri managed just 29 points in an injury-shortened campaign. Including Fabbri’s injury into the equation, it’s easy to figure out which one will be significantly cheaper when draft season starts.

It is worth noting that there really wasn’t much separating the two going into the 2016-17 season, at least by FantasyPros, which aggregates the ADP of differ