Saturday’s NHL Game Picks – November 25

Adam Mark


In last week’s column, I had an interesting discussion in the comments section with contributor JP. Essentially he was saying that in order to maintain longevity, and my bank roll, I should be picking closer games rather than heavy favourites (-200 and above). He’s not wrong on that front, but I think there might have been a general misunderstanding between us on this column in general.


It’s something I probably should point out every now and then for readers who are new to the column as I only outlined it when I first started, but for this piece I have to pick the winners of 6 games. That said, when I am making my picks, I’m solely looking at these games individually, and not as a high payout parlay. 


Throughout the week when I’m making picks that aren’t published here, I’m typically picking a game or two at most each night. If a night comes along and I feel the games are too close to call, or the odds are too much, I have no problem sitting that night out and just enjoying things on a fantasy level. When Saturday rolls around however, I break my normal routine and normally have to pick roughly 40-50% of the games that day. As you can imagine, it’s must easier to maintain a winning average when you can pick and choose exactly the games you want (as opposed to having to pick a set amount on a particular day). Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not complaining here. I welcome the challenge to see if I can tip the scale each and every week. 


I hope that clears things up a bit, and I’ll be sure to mention the format of the column every now and then for new readers so we’re all on the same page. But alas, let’s get to the good stuff.


A few thoughts:

·         I really liked how Washington looked on Friday and could see Nicklas Backstrom finding his stride. Dmitry Orlov could put up a decent streak as well for depth leagues.

·         Carey Price is back, at home, on Hockey Night in Canada. 

·         I hope you own some Islanders, at the rate they’re scoring, tonight shouldn’t be any different

·         While the Blues were shutout at home on Friday, I do see that as a wake up call to their squad. Granted they will be going up against Dubnyk, I could see this going to OT with the home team edging out a W


On to today’s games:


Personal Record: 48-47 (51%)

Dobber Record: 21-21 (50%)