Frozen Pool Forensics: Five Players and One Line Experiencing a Resurgence

Chris Liggio



As with any fantasy season every roster always seems to find one or two players you drafted not meeting expectations over the first quarter which starts to cause panic trends. As the season progresses into the second quarter some of these players though not all thankfully rekindle their scoring touch and go forth to produce fantasy dividends for you the owner. There are certainly some prominent names in this campaign who fall into this territory but should no longer be of concern to you as far as where they stand. Let’s take a look at some players you may stake claim to.


Bryan Little/Nikolaj Ehlers/Patrik Laine


To start off I am grouping these three together because this is an actual line combination therefore any and all performance of each is directly correlated to the others. Let’s start with Little who was abysmal in the first half producing two goals and six assists over the course of the first 19 games. A man with a points-per-game pace of 0.75 over the past five seasons this was not cutting it in the slightest. Some might call him the setup man, which he indeed is on this line, but Little has also potted 20-plus goals in three of the prior four seasons to 2017-18 so he needs to pull his weight there also. Regardless Little was not seeing his feeds finished in the first month of the season either where Laine had only four goals in October before the calendar turned to November and he remembered the name on the back of his jersey. While Ehlers was better in October with seven total goals, three came in one game so over the course of that time it was feast or famine territory all around.


As time progressed in November all three seemingly came on line and are back to normal operation. Over the past 30 days Little has four goals and eight assists in 15 games played, right in line with his career points/60. In the same timeframe Ehlers has six goals and seven assists and Laine has six goals and eight assists. It is safe to say that all is well now in Manitoba’s top six. Rocking an 18-8-5 record currently, the Jets are well on their way towards taking the crown for Canada’s best team behind their immense offensive depth and breakout goaltending.





Brendan Gallagher


The fact that Gallagher is the leading goal scorer for the Canadiens with 13 markers so far speaks to his underappreciation. The feisty diminutive forward is on pace for 34 goals and 260 shots but is receiving little support around him offensively leading to the all too well documented struggles of the Canadiens. Coming off a down 2016-17 Gallagher did not start this campaign on fire either but lately he’s been a more consistent option despite being currently mired in his first three game pointless streak since November 9th-14th. He’s arguably the Canad