Players on the Move? (Part 2)

Chris Liggio



In continuation of last week’s writings, there are enough speculative names out there leading up to the deadline to warrant extended coverage of potential movers. These players are not so concrete in their basic guarantee to be moved a la Rick Nash, though each makes for a tantalizing addition to any contender. Those owning these players in fantasy circles certainly would not mind seeing them move to a more potent team overall. In hindsight, said players being dealt away could put a hamper on the production of others from their original squad you may own.


Mike Hoffman


With the season overall being run of the mill for Hoffman, one might have to look at his current hot streak as sell high material for a flabbergasting Senators squad. Beside his minus-12, he is having a campaign typical of the prior two years of production though seeing his goal scoring trend down for the second season in a row since 2015-16’s career high 29. Nonetheless he is still on track for points in the high fifties/sub-sixties overall albeit higher assists. Regardless the man can absolutely hammer a puck or get it off quick with his release as a prototypical sniper, making him an attractive piece to add for a contender the likes of Boston or St. Louis.


With two seasons left on his contract at a sizeable rate of pay, the 28-year old Hoffman would have to be looked at as more than just a rental for this season for any team considering a trade for his services. One hopes for fantasy purpose that a shift to a better squad will bring all of his statistics up as everything is down. Whether it be five-on-five shooting percentage, pts/60, offensive zone starting percentage or whatever you may name, he’s below the norm across the board as a direct correlation to the disaster year being endured in Ottawa. The fact that he can still keep in relative close proximity to his overall point scoring of years prior is impressive and speaks to his consistent play. The Senators surely cannot be looking to add at the deadline only sell in hopes to improve the future. Hoffman would make for a wonderful addition for any team with Stanley Cup aspirations though at a hefty price.





Max Pacioretty


Much like the New York Rangers, the Canadiens need to bite the bullet that their competitive window is closed and really start looking to the long term rebuild approach. Marc Bergevin has