Wild trades Mike Reilly to the Canadiens



Fantasy Impact: The Minnesota Wild trades defenseman Mike Reilly to the Montreal Canadiens for a fifth-round draft pick.


The Habs get: a puck-moving defenseman who is still a bit of a project. Reilly, a college standout, has struggled since turning pro. The advanced stats show that Reilly is not a good NHL player, but this is really his first full season in the NHL so he’ll still get another chance. Good on the Habs for moving Joe Morrow for a fourth-round pick…and then paying a fifth-round pick for what I feel should be an upgrade on Morrow. Reilly is a year younger, and while he hasn’t been a true NHLer yet from what he has shown – Morrow has shown the same thing, but with more time to really firm up our opinion.


The Wild get: a lower draft pick.


Fantasy Players Impacted: This is a huge opportunity for Reilly to join a rebuilding team, and this is likely his last opportunity. He needs to show his upside or become a minor-leaguer. He’ll get plenty of chances early and often. But those chances will fade over time if he doesn’t perform. You may see veteran Jeff Petry lose some PP time as Montreal takes a look at what they have in Reilly.

With Minnesota, this gives Nick Seeler and Gustav Olofsson more ice time (and fewer scratches). But they’re minor players in the fantasy world.


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Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Reilly


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Petry