Goldipucks and the Three Skaters: Vegas Baby Part 1

Rick Roos


Goldipucks and the Three Skaters, featuring the Golden Knights

Welcome to this season’s third installment of Goldipucks and the Three Skaters! For first time readers, or those who missed the most recent installment, the concept is a play on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, except instead of bowls of porridge I’m covering skaters and declaring one too hot (i.e., doing unsustainably better than he should), another too cold (i.e., doing unsustainably worse), and a third “just right” (i.e., producing where he should). Each skater also receives a 1-10 rating, indicating, on a relative scale, how hot (rated 7-10, where 10 is the most unsustainably hot), cold (rated 1-3, where 1 is the most unsustainably cold), or just right (rated 4-6, where 5 is the most “just right”) he is.

Last time I focused solely on defensemen; the theme this week – and next – is “Vegas Baby!” as I’m covering only skaters from this year’s NHL (and fantasy) surprise team, the Golden Knights. Chances are several Vegas skaters are making an impact in your league, with the question being what to expect from them between now and game 82. Goldipucks is here to give you the lowdown on who’s too hot, too cold, and just right from the Golden Knights.

Did you notice I said this week and next? There are too many Vegas players to cover in just one week, so this week I’m starting with Jonathan Marchessault, Colin Miller, and Nate Schmidt, and then next week I’ll be back with three more of their skaters! Before you read any further, be sure to guess which player I’m covering this week is too hot, which is too cold, and which is just right. It’s a fun game to play, but also important in that it confirms whether your “spidey senses” are correct, and, if they aren’t, allows you to determine what might have led your instincts astray.

Jonathan Marchessault (data for Marchessault and other players through February 25)

The diminutive Marchessault has chugged along at a point per game or better pace all season, even now as we’ve arrived at the final quarter of the campaign. But can it last? Can he really finish at or above the point-per-game